We've reinvented exercise & what it means to feel good ...


We are dedicated to bringing you the latest in Wellness by providing a complete & Balanced Fitness Experience ...

Our Studio is home to Yoga, Reformer Pilates, Ride & Barre offering over 50+ Classes a week for you to enjoy. 

We offer the latest in Yoga & Barre, with a dedicated Ride Room and Group Reformer Studio, a Member’s Lounge with an on-site change rooms and our boutique retail space showcasing products we trust & love. 

Our Wellbeing Corner provides an Infrared Sauna as well as Private Practitioners onsite offering treatments for you to further RELAX and UNWIND, post getting SWEATY with us! 

We have the latest equipment available for you to take advantage of in our classes PLUS we also provide complimentary Lululemon mats for a supportive and non-slippery workout.

Other amenities include free wifi, complimentary water and towels. Our lounge is for you to reward yourself after class while you catch up with a friend or take a moment to unwind enjoying all that we have to offer you!


See you in the studio soon, 



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Our destination studio focuses on YOU. 

Offering a BIG City vibe with all the Yoga, Reformer Pilates, Ride ("our take on spin") & Barre that you could hope for right here in Albury .... 

Our studios are cool, modern and inviting and our teachers are passionate and inspiring.  

You can find us at

Level 1

579 Dean Street, Albury NSW

(above the ANZ bank, opposite Early Bird Cafe ... We are VERY Central)

Come & say hello to our team Mon - Tues + Wed for a studio tour

9am - 2pm            
Ph: 6023 3589







Not a GURU?

Don’t stress. Neither are 99.9% of people who have discovered Yoga and the addictive mind body workout it provides.

Our yoga classes offer a great way to unwind and show yourself some love. They will push you physically and mentally. 


Flow Yoga //

A great intro class for the non-yogi’s or a great class for those with a daily practice who want to push themselves. Our classes are full of options so you can go at your own pace, enjoy the flow and decide what type of workout you need at that exact moment. It’s your flow. Your way.


Athletica // Powerflow

Are you looking to push yourself?

A strong and powerful style of yoga, our Power Flow follows a dynamic Vinyasa sequence that encourages presence, alignment and connection with the mind, breath and body. The 60 minutes class is suitable for all levels and aims to strengthen the body and calm the mind.

Note: all YOGA classes are 60 minutes except for our LUNCHTIME classes specifically designed for our workers who need a little lunchtime love – we have given you 45 mins to ensure you can still get a bite and check your facebook as well as smash out a lunchtime class.

OUR HOT YOGA program runs during the cooler months with our beautiful studio fitted with the latest in infrared technology to provide a safe, cosy environment for you to practice in at a beautiful 28 degrees.


A whole body workout that will make you sweat due to the challenging and tailored resistance workout on our Allegro 2 Reformer Beds and hand weights challenges.  

If you are looking to tone & strengthen all over while achieving an amazing stretch and noticeable muscle difference; then you are going to love our Reformer Pilates Classes.

We have options to make you sweat a little or a LOT and of course a killer playlist to up the anti!


Suitable for Beginners to Advanced Enthusiasts. 


A great class to work on your core and tone your limbs using your own body weight and small props. With a great playlist to help motivate you and make the most of your mat time, you’ll feel the burn and notice a much leaner + stronger you in just a few sessions.

The perfect complimentary class to add in with your Reformer workout.


A 45 minute instructor lead indoor cycling class in our dedicated Ride Room with the latest bikes Matrix bikes to a killer playlist. We coach by colour, the latest software that compliments our highly skilled Ride Captains as they put you through your paces.

We lead you through an intense ride simulating real and challenging conditions - focusing on cardiovascular conditioning, calorie burn and strength building. 

Our classes are suitable for any enthusiast from beginners to advanced riders, we promise to challenge you physically and mentally but the results will speak for themselves in no time.

NOTE this is the only class available where you can increase both your fitness and your strength with very little impact to the joints, so anyone with mobility issues or recovering from injuries where impact is not ideal.. WE HAVE YOU TOTALLY COVERED!


Barre is a combination of Yoga flows, Pilates moves and Ballet techniques. Combining all of these exercises to create a class that tones and strengthens your whole body.

Using low impact interval training and isometric work your body will burn fat, you will feel stronger and leaner and you will notice the shape and posture of your body changing.

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